Concert & Performance

My Songs

“Bluetenschlag” (eng. blossom strike) is the name of the world I created for my songs and poems. This world may be a bit quirky, but it is open for everybody who would like to visit and take a look around. The name represents contrast and variety. I sing and play the piano, some songs are arranged for band.(→ Bluetenschlag)



Chamber Music

Trioduo: Alexej Beljakov – classical guitar, Giorgi Khutsishvili-Held – flute, Sara Kuehn – soprano. We perform classical composers such as J. Dowland, G.F. Handel or L. Brouwer. But we leave aside the strict guidelines of sheet music with our free improvisations and in addition like to try out other musical genres. (Photos: Mara Hein, Sara Kuehn)


Mathias Bartoszewski – art director, Elisa Bartoszewski – music director. I love to take part in the manifold and deeply touching performances developed in the creative space of Steinfurth Art Centre in Germany, for example the multimedia-projects “Gaben/Gifts” and “Pata Divano” with singing, dance and art projections. For further information visit the homepage of Mathias Bartoszewski. (Photos: M. Bartoszewski)
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